Free Download Need for Speed II

Free Download Need for Speed II

Minimum Configuration

90MHz Pentium® Class processor (Intel®, Cyrix 6x86)
Windows® 95
Direct X 3.0 (included on game CD)
Quad speed CD-ROM drive (600KB/second transfer rate)
Hi Color (65,535) capable 1 MB PCI video card with DirectDraw 3.0 compatible driver
Hard Disk -- 10 MB plus space for save games (additional space required for DirectX 3.0 installation)
Keyboard and Monitor
Optional joystick or mouse
Optional Sound Card with DirectX compatible sound driver

Recommended Configuration

Pentium® 166 MHz or higher processor
Hard Disk -- 70 MB plus space for save games (additional space required for DirectX 3.0 installation)
Analog joystick, Gravis PC Gamepad, or PC steering wheel
Sound Blaster® 16/32/AWE32 sound card
The fan of the series Need for Speed it would have had to wait for till 1997 for the next game and from then, the things were changed slightly.
The new game has been called Need for Speed II simply, with " Road and Track" to be fallen. It was not l' only change - they have been passed to the inseguimenti of the police and the manipulation of simulation in style of the first game, replaced with more accessible, a gameplay in style arcade.
A characteristic of Need for Speed II that ahead made of its time was interactive music, that it has reacted like the player was to the guide.
If one has crashed, as an example, they felt various music if one were overhead to the group.
A thing that is remained the same one has been the ability to enter cheat codes for special cars otherwise not available in the game.
These sbloccabili vehicles included a scuolabus, a Maggiolino Volkswagen, and old vagone a Wild West-style. That same year, a special edition of Need for Speed II is released for PC, having added the support for acceleration cards 3D, thus like a new trace, four new cars, and three hidden additional vehicles.

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