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Free Download Men Of War: Assault Squad Behind Enemy Lines 2.Shturm is an independent addition to the historical-military strategy. In the game of the famous series of fans to take part in major battles of WWII, commanding the troops of the USSR, USA, Germany or Japan. In addition to multiplayer modes that are familiar from previous projects to the attention of the players offered new versions of the battles, including a game designed for the team. In battle, players can not only command an army, but by controlling the tank, destroy enemy’s fortifications, or by acting as a simple infantryman, to cover the retreat of comrades with a gun in his hand, which allows to feel the atmosphere of wartime.

– Historically accurate embodiment of the era and circumstances of each of the parties to the conflict.
– In the bloody battles of the player will support the characters, which are unique abilities (for example, increased firepower and the strengthening of morality) will turn the tide of battle, even in seemingly hopeless situations.
– Special features, such as the use of remote-controlled bombs or forced marches, will take a variety of tactical decisions.
– With its advanced artificial intelligence, even one and the same mission every time will perform differently.
– Wide range of regional warfare – Eastern and Western Europe, North Africa and the Pacific.
– The ability to play four on the local network or participate in team battles online.
– New maps for multiplayer and additional features to the game settings.
– Due to processing the balance of power games using equipment and military equipment has become more realistic.
– Improved artillery lets you apply new strategies for attack and defense.
– Believable ballistics and new equipment.

System requirements:
– Operating system: XP, Vista, 7
– Processor: Pentium 4 – 3.0 GHz or Athlon 64 – 3000 + / Core 2 Duo 2,33 GHz or Athlon 64 – 4400 +
– RAM: 1 GB (2 GB for Vista / 7);
– Free space on hard drive 4 gb of free space;
– Video: (128 MB) / (256 MB), (Shader Model 3.0);
– File system: NTFS

Changelog: Patch 1.96.6:
– Added a new 3D model of the Boys anti-tank rifle
– Added a new 3D model Degtyarev antitank rifle (PTRD)
– Added a new 3D model of anti-tank rifle Simonov (PTW)
– Added a new 3D model of the rifle type 97
– Added a new 3D model of anti-tank rifle Pzb-39
– Added a new 3D model of a submachine gun M3A
– Added a new 3D model of a heavy machine gun type 1
– Added a new 3D model of a bazooka type 4
– Added a new 3D model of the machine type 100
– Added a new 3D model of De Lisle carbine
– Added a new 3D model of the DS-39
– Added a new 3D model repair kit
– Added a new 3D model of gas canisters
– Changed the trajectory of shells of heavy machine guns
– Changed the soft light shaders
– Changed the color balance of the game
– Increased radius of audibility of infantry from 35 to 40 m
– Increased damage radius of the tank StuH from 150 to 160 m
– Increased resistance to strengthen with sandbags high-explosive projectiles
– Removed the ammunition for handguns signal commandos and special forces
– Fixed water surface shader for some CPU

– Changed the waiting time of heavy machine guns, up to 1 minute
– Changed the waiting time anti-aircraft installations up to 1 minute
– Changed timeout to 1 minute mortar
– Changed the waiting time re-strike heavy machine guns to 2 minutes
– Changed the waiting time re-strike anti-aircraft installations up to 2 minutes
– Changed the waiting time re-mortar strike up to 2 minutes
– Fixed a search for ways to map the “plateau” (2×2)
– Fixed minor bugs cards

Single Game
– Otkorerktirovano behavior AI player, not reacting to enemy
– Fixed icons in the missions of the USSR AI
– Fixed bridges in the mission of [the USSR] “Manchuria”
– Fixed to achieve the mission [Britain] “Arnhem”
– Fixed a bug with blocking traffic installation Maxson
– Fixed a bug with the management of the British military
– Fixed minor bugs scripts
– Fixed minor bugs cards

Features RePack:
– Do not cut and converted
– Game updated version v1.96.6
– All the way registry maintained
– Installation requires 512 MB of RAM
– Installation time 3 minutes

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