Free Download The Witcher – Fantasy Edition

Free Download The Witcher – Fantasy Edition The original world created by the imagination of the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, comes to life in an epic role-playing game. There is no single positive hero, corrupt governors, lascivious princess, knights and ruthless.

The game’s plot is being developed with the participation of the Andrzej Sapkowski. In this amazing fantasy world there is no clear boundary between good and evil. All decisions of the player and his reputation form a unique storyline with three possible endings.

The Witcher | The Witcher:
The main character – Geralt, Witcher from Rivii, a professional fighter monsters. He does his job not the best of intentions or desire to make the world a cleaner – he simply earns a living. To confront dragons on an equal footing and ghouls, warlocks brought up from childhood. And out of hundreds of children who started training, only ten survive.
In the arsenal Witcher – conventional and silver weapons, drugs and elixirs, deadly for the unprepared person, the magical “signs” that can control other beings. The player chooses what methods Geralt will hold better. Six combat styles, dozens of potions, modifiable weapons and magic – all it will help win over any opponent. Special thanks fans will get a dynamic combat and spectacular ways to destroy the enemy (for example, the player will be able to decapitate the enemy, cut his throat, guts, impaled, brain, etc.). The battle system is based on real medieval battle tactics. In order to battle seemed realistic in the animation involved a specially invited masters of martial arts experts and sword fighting.

– Geralt – a charismatic unique character, a mutant, a masterful command of the sword.
– A world of fantasy novels based on cult Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski.
– A combination of fighting styles, complex alchemy system, and “vedmachey” magic gives added urgency to the adventure game world.
– Motion capture technology, implemented with the help of experts in medieval combat techniques in the famous studio in Frankfurt, helped to create nearly 600 spectacular and absolutely unique video clips battlefield.

System requirements:
– Operating system: Windows XP SP2/Vista
– Processor: Pentium IV / Athlon 64 2.4 GHz
– Memory: 1 GB
– Video: DirectX 9.0 – compatible 3D-graphics card of GeForce FX5600/Radeon X800 with 128 MB of memory
– Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX ® 9.0
– Free space on your hard disk: 13.4 GB

The Witcher 2: Killer of Kings | The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings:
In the Nordic kingdoms came the truly troubled times. Powerful forces that lurk in the shadows, come into a bitter struggle for power and influence. Mysterious conspirators begin to hunt for the royals. Rulers hastily collected troops, but even this may not prevent further killings. Each new attempt more plunges the world into chaos, and justice give way to the dictatorship of force. Throughout running the show cruelty and abuse.

– A huge realistic world. Immerse yourself in the incredible atmosphere of the world, living their own lives! Visit the magnificent castle of La Valette and walk around the bustling streets of Verga – the town of dwarves. Get to the remote border forts, explore the ancient forest that holds many secrets, and do not forget to look at Flotzam – an important outpost between the two kingdoms.
– Non-linear, mature, rich history. Remember: your every decision will have consequences! You will find more than 40 hours of adventure, 4, options and start the game as much as 16 possible endings. Deep, unpredictable and emotionally charged plot will keep you in suspense from the first minutes of the game until the very end.
– Dynamic and spectacular battles. The combat system is totally changed the game! Join the battle with numerous enemies – humans and monsters. Use all sorts of tactics – dodge, parry, counterattack. Use ranged weapons such as throwing knives and bombs, and cast spells (including the brand new sign – Heliotrope). Set traps and lures, secretly attack and stun his opponents.
– The latest graphics engine. Its own development studio CD Projekt RED – Engine REDengine provides high quality graphics and excellent performance even at the minimum computer configuration.

System requirements:
– Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
– Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2,2 GHz / Athlon 64 X2 5000 +
– Memory: 1 GB RAM (2 GB for Windows Vista / Windows 7)
– Video: level GeForce 8800/Radeon HD 3850 with support for Pixel Shader 3.0 with 512 MB memory
– Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX ® 9.0
– Free space on hard drive: 16 GB

Features RePacka:
The Witcher | The Witcher
– Game Version – 1.5
– Do not cut / recoded
– All fan integrated into the adventure repak
– Ability to select a combination of text and voice
The Witcher 2: Killer of Kings | The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
– Game Version – 1.2
– Do not cut / recoded
– Have all DLC released so far
– Ability to select a combination of text and voice
– Hidden bonus on a bonus disc (click on the wolf’s head in avtorane) – Books

Description DLC
– Barbers and Coiffeuses
Some merchants will now provide hairdressing services. For a small fee, Geralt can change your hairstyle they have. Look for bulletin boards for information on barbers and hairdresser, offering their services in your area. In Flotzame, in the first chapter, these services are available at Einar Gusselya in the shop of antiquities. In the second chapter, in Sambor in the camp or in Henselta Felicia Cory in Vergene. This student witch also gives us a hairdressing Locke Muin, in the third chapter.
– Blue Stripes Combat Jacket
Unique piece of equipment. One of the best jackets in the game. Suitable for a hero-oriented fencing. Improves mastery of the sword.
– Ultimate Alchemist’s Outfit
Unique piece of equipment. Increases the number of alchemical ingredients, which can be found in locations. Increases the duration of potions.
– Ultimate Mage’s Outfit
Unique piece of equipment. Adds a new, sixth, Arcanum. Increases the efficiency of all characters. Suitable for the character, based on magic.
– Ultimate Swordsman’s Outfit
A set of unique items. They increase the likelihood of additional features and effects in the melee. Designed for the character, and skills of swordsman.
– Finisher Pack
Two new animation finishing moves. Techniques created using Motion Capture technology specifically for this set. Improved fighting technique.
– Mysterious Merchant
Unlock special merchant, who appears in every part of the game. He will buy things that are otherwise available only for side quests.
– Troll Trouble
A new side quest.

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Free Download The Witcher - Fantasy Edition

Free Download The Witcher - Fantasy Edition

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