Buy PlayStation 2

Buy PlayStation 2

Whether you’re a die-hard PlayStation 2 fan or a new player, this PlayStation 2 console will meet the demands of your game playing.
The smaller, sleeker design makes it easy to carry around and enjoy games any time, anywhere.

It keeps the PS2’s powerful 300MHz processor, for enhanced clarity and mesmerizing graphics.
Equipped with an integrated Ethernet port for network gaming, the PlayStation 2 sets new standards in the fusion of design and functionality.

Approximately 40 percent of North American PlayStation 2 online gamers use dial-up connections and to satisfy this base, the North American model is equipped with both Ethernet and modem ports.
Includes PlayStation 2 console, Analog Controller (DUALSHOCK 2), AV Cable (integrated audio/video), AC Adaptor (AC power cord included).


CPU : 128-bit CPU System Clock Frequency : 294.912 MHz Cache Memory :
Instruction: 16KB,
Data: 8KB + 16 K (ScrP)
Main Memory : Direct Rambus (Direct RDRAM)
Memory Size : 32MB
Memory Bus Bandw

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