free download Tomb Raider Chronicles psx

free download Tomb Raider Chronicles psx


Gameplay: 7/10
Good, but there is something missing… You can’t drive any vehicles. O.K. there is a underwater suit thing that lets you swim faster and you use that for an entire level (even though it’s a short one). But still it is a good game. You also get a Rope launcher thing which lets you shoot an arrow to certain ceiling which will drop a rope for you to swing on. Another thing that I don’t like is that there is no ‘final boss’. Instead there is just one on the third level, which is easy to kill, and in every 3-4 levels you loose all your weapons, medi-paks etc. that you probably would have spent your life collecting.

Music: 9/10
All the music sets the scene for every level. But the one bad thing about it is that the music in the cutscenes can sometimes be a bit too loud for you to hear the voices (and there aren’t any subtitles). But that is the only bad thing about it.

Sound: 10/10
Perfect! The gun noises actually sound real (unlike in the other series). The footsteps have the right sound for the different types of floors and the characters voices match their character and looks.

Control: 9/10
The control would have been a 10 if it wasn’t for the difficulty in turning whilst running (with the analogue). What tends to happen with me is that she sometimes stops before she turns. They should have made it easier for you to turn.

Replay value: 6/10
The replay value for the Tombraider games has never really been very high. It’s the same with most action/adventure games too. You play the game once, you see the ending, and there is nothing left to find out. The only difference with the Tombraiders are the secrets. In some of them, you get an award by collecting all the secrets in the game. In Chronicles, there is a Special Features option which has four things: Lara’s Gallary, Scenario Gallery, Story Board 1 & 2. You unlock the different things by simply getting all the secrets in the different areas of the games. For example: I get all 9 secrets in Rome, which unlocks Story Board 1, I get all 12 secrets in Russia, which unlocks Scenario Gallery, etc.

Overall: 8/10
It is a good game for the Tombraider fans, and a good game to just play anyway. The bit of the game that I really don’t like is when she’s a girl, where all you do is solve puzzles and avoid traps. But I still think there is one thing wrong (which has been the same for nearly all of them). There is not enough shooting. If there was more ammo, less Medi-Paks, more enemies, the game would be a lot better. But still a great game to play, well I enjoyed it anyway.

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free download Tomb Raider Chronicles psx
free download Tomb Raider Chronicles psx
free download Tomb Raider Chronicles psx

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