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free download Just Dance 2017 Wii is a motion-controlled party game in which you try to mimic dance routines shown on-screen to earn points. You can either use your system of choice’s motion controller or the game’s dedicated smartphone app, which turns your mobile device into a motion-sensitive controller. Dance numbers include single-player and duet modes, as well as multi-player Dance Crew challenges. Subscribing to the Just Dance Unlimited service unlocks extra tracks, both new releases and old favorites.

Why mess with a classic?
Just Dance 2017 continues the Just Dance series’ domination of the motion-controlled dancing game genre. Like most of its predecessors, it doesn’t make any major innovations to the gameplay, although it does add “Just Dance Machine,” a fast-paced new game mode. The major difference is in the over 40 new tracks, which include both current hits, classics like Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” and guilty pleasures like O-Zone’s “Dragostea Din Tei” (you’ll recognize it when you hear it). In addition to serving as a mobile controller, the app also features a range of other game-related content.

The standard for dancing games
Just Dance 2017 refines the successful formula established by its predecessors. If you’ve enjoyed the fast-paced, accessible dance gameplay of the previous games, you’ll appreciate the new tracks and features in this installment.

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free download Just Dance 2017 free download Just Dance 2017 free download Just Dance 2017

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